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Here at TapFire we strive to enhance today's mobile gaming experience by providing the best equipment for players globally. we truly believe that a higher gaming level can be achieved with the right controllers given to the right players. 

🥇Customers Saying

Great guys with good intention. really taking seriously the evolving mobile gaming industry. tried two of their controllers, they are a real game changer, feeling so easy to navigate in the map. i have an advantage on other players in the map. almost like cheating :)

Josh A.

My battery was draining fast because of my long playing times on PUBG and Free Fire. i ordered the Viper controller with the built in battery. just what i was looking for, i can play now for hours and charge my phone in the same time. thank you

Mark P.

Amazing controllers, just what i was looking for. my battery was overheating after long play times consistently i thought it's a battery issue but this was me wanted to keep playing. i ordered the Phantom controller with the fan and it was the perfect solution for my long play times.

Anthony O.